Above are the two art works of Lucky, that started my association with Na' an ku se and Lucky.

I have always loved animals - I am impassioned about animal rights and anti-poaching.


It was after many privileged visits to the Kruger National Park, (where I learned about various poaching traps and methods) and being introduced to Lucky, the three-legged cheetah, (featured in the VW ad in 2009,) that I prayed for a way to make a difference. Through that guidance, I became motivated to utilize my talents for the good of these causes. I created 'Project Lifesaver': an initiative for raising funds through the sale of my art works and jewellery, with the proceeds donated to wildlife sanctuaries that dedicate their time and resources, caring for animals that have survived poaching attempts, as well as babies that have been traumatized and orphaned by such atrocities. 


I was privileged to raise funds for Na' an ku se in 2009, the sanctuary in Namibia, home to Lucky the cheetah, through the sale of two of my art works. 


I hope to work with Na' an ku se in 2021 and beyond. There is a very touching story about a kitty named Whitetail, which I will share soon. Updates to follow. 

Whitetail 1

This is Whitetail. And the first in my series, revisiting the incredible creatures that had such an impact on me, when my association with

Na' an ku se began. 


This is Lucky. The ambassador for survival, who stole my heart when I was introduced to her in 2009. This is such a sentimental journey. This art work is the second in my series.