About Monica K Cserei Wiese


Monica Cserei - Wiese, is a proudly South African (and Hungarian) artist and designer based in Johannesburg. Art is her life-long passion and her adoration of nature dates back to her very early childhood. This theme is an ongoing exploration in her work - "The creation that The Lord blesses us with, is my pivotal inspiration." 


Monica engages in various art disciplines and continues to refine and invest in her skills, inspirations and techniques that her work has become recognised for. 

Her  distinctive cubist style, unique use of colour and techniques, has captured the attention of Gallery owners and Collectors all over the world. Flowers, landscapes and nature are her subject choices, with Monica often capturing sentimental scenes within her surrounds. The sensory relationship between the painting and the viewer, is an important consideration and the entire process of creating is conscious and deliberate, always intending to connect and share her emotions, inspiration and sentiment with the viewer. 
"My ethos is to sincerely and honestly create, depicting that which captivates and evokes interest within me. I have experienced how beautiful things have the ability to uplift and inspire. My goal is beauty with a purpose: to impart joy and inspiration to everyone who encounters my work. 

Thank you for your interest and for allowing me to introduce you to my inspirations."

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