Art works are an investment and when cared for appropriately, they will appreciate in value, year on year. Not all art works can be displayed the same way. Here are some guidelines.

Watercolour and or pencil / charcoal art on paper should be framed behind uv glass. Backing boards should always be acid free, to avoid fading and or discolouration of your art works. Make a point of discussing this with your framer. Keep such art works out of direct sunlight and areas subject to high humidity. The sun can cause condensation droplets to occur on the inside of your frame. This water will damage your art work if it reaches the surface and if the frame is not removed  and dried, can potentially cause future mould to occur on the art work. Direct exposure to sun for prolonged periods, can cause art works to fade over time.

My watercolour / charcoal / pencil art works on canvas, can be hung without being framed behind glass. I seal the surface of the completed art work with varnish. The surface of the art work, despite being varnished, should still not be directly exposed to water or moisture. Cleaning the surface with a soft cloth or duster is preferable.